Design and supervision of the mine

The active offices of the company associated with this part of the activities are based in Tehran and Shiraz, and by using experienced engineers, in addition to evaluating the plans, they control the implementation of the project in terms of cost and physical development, and by providing the necessary guidelines for better implementation. The scheme helps and prevents its stopping or stagnation.
The experts in this section analyze the conditions of the projects by analyzing the conditions of the projects by examining the market situation, production technology, price trends, costs and performing economic and financial calculations using the software of the day, and if the design from the point of view Market, technical, financial, economic and social justification. A justification report will be presented for investor and bank use.
The analysis of industrial designs is done using software and valid universal models including Comfar III software. This softness developed by UNIDO in order to standardize industrial design review models in developing countries can provide all financial and economic indicators of projects without any intervention by analysts.

The mining design unit of this company, using the latest software and using the technical knowledge and experience of its experts, is able to perform various services for mining projects by applying economic parameters.

In the open-air design with the updated block model, the latest Pitt status, the employer’s policy in the production plan, the technical details and geotechnical considerations of the annual plans, and the plans for the six months and three months are shredded and given to the contractor to monitor execution It is also done.

The production and analysis of information and data is done through well-known and valid software. Among the tasks performed in the field of software, it is possible to construct a block block model, elevation maps, intelligent information analysis, calculation of volumes Mapping and design and production planning. Among the issues discussed in this section are:

Preparation of 3D model of mineral mass
Optimal Pete Delivery Based on Technical and Economic Reviews
Optimize the final range of the mine
Preparation of long-term and short-term extraction plans
Design of drilling and fire drilling
Selecting machines
Production planning
Design of mineral deposit and tailings
Perform mapping projects
Provide a variety of production reports
Sustainability studies of slopes of mine walls
Software used in design unit:

GEMCOM software
Whittle software
Datamine software
NPV Scheduler software